Davis has a vision for Gadsden’s future success. It will take a lot of hard work and community support, but Davis has the will, dedication, and leadership to fight for our city and each citizen’s quality of life. The following areas are the focus points of Davis’ vision and platform for office:



Davis believes that education is the foundation and key to Gadsden’s future success. He will fight to ensure our schools receive adequate funding and support. He will also advocate to increase promotion and funding for career tech, trade skills, and computer technology programs to provide students with the skills necessary to land honest, well-paying jobs in our community. Davis believes that giving our children the knowledge to succeed is the best investment we can make for our future.


Fiscally Responsible Investment in our Community

Well-maintained infrastructure, excellent healthcare, and recreational and entertainment options are vital to Gadsden’s quality of life and ability to attract business. Davis will advocate for responsible investment in our roads, parks, and waterfront development to improve the quality of life for Gadsden residents and make our city even more attractive to potential employers. In an effort to save taxpayer money, he is also willing to explore tax-incentive options to improve and redevelop areas of our city that have fallen into disrepair.

Davis also believes in openness and transparency for our government, and intends to research and develop a master plan, available for public comment and review by ALL citizens, for the City of Gadsden as it relates to the city’s goals for improvement and development.


Economic Development

Davis has negotiated millions of dollars for his clients and constantly works with opposing attorneys, judges, and mediators to reach agreements that benefit all parties involved. Further, as a small business owner, he understands budgeting and marketing his company to maximize its success. Davis will be able to bring that invaluable experience and skill and put it to use attracting businesses and employers to Gadsden. Rather than create roadblocks for new and existing businesses in the area, Davis wants to loosen and lessen regulations on businesses so they can thrive. He has the willingness and expertise to sit down with a company’s CEO to work out an agreement that will allow their business to open in Gadsden and succeed.

Davis also recognizes that any business that comes to Etowah County has the potential to benefit Gadsden, even if that business is not located inside our city limits. That business can employ Gadsden residents and it is likely that the business’ employees will spend time at Gadsden’s parks, use Gadsden’s healthcare facilities, and patronize Gadsden’s stores and restaurants. Davis pledges to use his skills to work WITH, not against, the Etowah County Commission and other municipalities within Etowah County to bring business to our area.

Once Gadsden is able to achieve its goals and is on a path that secures its future success, Davis would support lowering Gadsden’s occupational tax to further benefit its citizens and businesses.


Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Veterans

Davis appreciates and supports our local law enforcement and first responders, and intends to ensure that the Gadsden Police Department and Fire Department have the proper resources to carry out their duties.

Davis also thanks all of our local veterans for their service and sacrifice. Davis supports legislation that would incentivize businesses to hire veterans in our community.